It is the goal of T & E Joint Ventures to create an amazing project experience, asking our customers what they want and using insight and professional experience to create a consistent, personalized, successful end product. Client feedback is used throughout the project development process to ensure that the end result is something that expresses the project vision, meets the outcome criteria, and exceeds our client’s expectations. T & E Joint Ventures is pleased to share these recent reviews from clients about their successful encounters with our services:

T & E Joint Ventures . . . ignites breakthrough from wherever they find each individual’s launching point and connects them to the pathway that changes everything. It is rare that you will find in a team such a combination of joy, laughter, power, compassion, and insight wrapped up in such  seasoned professionals.

Dr. Joseph Umidi

Professor / Founder, Transformational Leadership Coaching International

I view T & E Joint Ventures as a great treasure filled with the remarkable ability to interpret the vision of others and send it soaring into the greatest heights of written communication and expression.  This team is unafraid of the unfamiliar, tireless and relentless in the pursuit of perfection, and consummate professionals in the midst of the warmth of personal passion.

Dr. Clarice Fluitt

Personal Advisor, Motivational Speaker, Author, Television Personality

It’s a sheer blessing when you connect with a team for professional reasons only to find out that God partnered you with  His giants.  T & E Joint Ventures brought not only their professional skill (which is superior) to my project but also brought a spiritual intuitiveness because of their constant communion with God.  They helped to breathe life into my project and speak life over my entire life.  They have been a total blessing to work with and a complete encouragement to me.

Tina Campbell

Solo artist & 1/2 of the Gospel duo Mary Mary, Grammy Winning Gospel Artist, Author, TV Personality

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