Summary of Services

We are a licensed Professional Publishing Service specializing in package options which provide the author with a beginning to end, top to bottom, cover to cover service that starts with a rough draft manuscript or audio and ends with the print and Kindle setup on Amazon.  

Our experienced team of professionals is capable of delivering the following list of services:

  • Manuscript evaluation: An overall critique of the manuscript, idea, theme, purpose, and expected outcome
  • Project management: Oversight of all aspects of the entire manuscript from submission to publication
  • Project development: The communication and documentation of ideas, decisions, and actions from submission to publication
  • Copy and developmental edit: The examination of every aspect of the manuscript from the initial idea to the overall structure, paragraph, and chapter order including grammatical, spelling, and punctuation editing
  • Stylistic edit: The content is examined to clarify meaning, coherence, flow, and refine the language used
  • Transcription: The conversion of a spoken language source into text
  • Research: To determine that the inclusion of information is relevant and accurate
  • Reference checking: Research to determine that references are accurate in content, timing, and relevancy
  • Interior design – formatting: Consultation and management to bridge the interior designer with the scope and theme of the project
  • Exterior cover graphic design: Consultation and management to bridge the exterior front and back cover layout, stylization, presentation of text and images with the scope and theme of the project
  • Printing and publishing: Consultation and management to secure the availability of printing and publishing professional services
  • Setup Paperback and E-book  on Kindle Direct Publishing (KDP-Amazon)
  • Formatting for Kindle
  • Uploading the E-book version to Kindle Direct Publishing (KDP-Amazon)
  • Promotional packages
  • Expedited service upon request

Once a project, whether in written or audio format, has been evaluated by the team to ascertain the scope of the project, level of service, and custom package that fits the authors vision and timeline, a package quote is delivered to the author prior to moving forward with the publishing process. 

Our contract recognizes the relationship between the author and publisher and provides the framework for compensation of the work to be performed.  We use best practices in performing the work, with best practice having been earlier established by the quality of work previously performed by our team on behalf of our clients. 

Package prices may vary and can be adjusted higher or lower depending upon factors such as requests for expedited completion dates, or the purchase of graphics.  The package base price is $6,000.00 with a $400.00 non-refundable assessment fee and a down payment of half of the package price upon signing the Contract.

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